Tuesday, January 20, 2009


For Norway!
-buffer zone during the cold war, bombed flat by Hitler who did not want Sweden, but a coastline to attack America from! Allies, discarded in a time of peace from the East by politicians in the West seeking swift verbal victories to strengthen their domestic positions. Allies, neglected for the sake of one's own gain. Allies, tramped on when refusing to kill for oil!

For Pakistan! Deprived of Democracy by dictatorship supported by the US. Pakistan, whose Northwestern border is flooded by Taliban for the sake of the narrowmindedness of the few; for a war that may empty Afghanistan of trouble, but fill up it's neighbor with what Afghanistan gets ridd of! Here's to the hope of new days!

For Britain! Willing to give up military secrets for advances of generations of fighter-planes, but receiving nothing in return!

For Germany and France who won the refueling-tanker deal; verbally attacked by Republicans when Pentagon itself made the decision!

For all marginalized countries that have suffered under soaring oil-prices brought forth by mindless marked-practices and sustained war on top of big oilreserves! For all those hungry or dead because food never reached then, or came at an unbearable price because the West intensively desired the oil that should bring the food to their communities.

For all who loves Peace!
For all who cherishes Reason!
For all who rejects harsh rhetorics with empty words for selfish gain!
When this man says 'God Bless America' it makes sense once more!
For the blessed shall bless, or he will die like us all and then realize he did not fulfill his purpose.

For all allies! Rise and Hope!

For Norway!
God Bless King Harald V and his house!
God Bless America; our brothers, our sisters, our allies!

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