Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mass-murder anyone?

Anyone remember the Balkan war? How many people need to die before intervention? History repeats itself and one seems to have learned nothing! One nation goes: "Oh, I don't mind mass-murder as long as I get oil!" -another goes "Baby, I have to think of my diplomatic position!" But we are lucky some at least thinks it's time to act! Napoleon taught us how many people can be slain in one day. One day for Gadaffi is to him a big present! How many days does the UN or the EU need? How many European nations will turn a blind eye? Is Europe expecting the US to fix the problems in our immediate proximity again? It's like the little devil that first cries to get compassion and then starts laughing: "Thank you Europe! Thank you for your indecisiveness! Your gift of plentiful time! Your looking away from my murdering! Thank you!!"
Yours Truly,
Muammar Gaddafi