Friday, July 31, 2015

An Event

We have visitors from the North. Mom's sister is here with a friend and they'll be travelling down South to see an old aunt of theirs in a couple of days. The aunt originally came from the North. Last night they were on the phone with her. Northern humour is darker. After years of being made fun of by more densely populated parts of the country, a certain hostile humor has developed. The old aunt had exclaimed that she was looking forward to meeting "sensible North Norwegians again! It will truly be an event!" It was well received by much laughter around the house.

I was up late last night and the house was in full motion by the time I joined the ranks of the awoken this morning. To my pleasant surprise, my sister was on a visit. Her and Mom was stood talking in the kitchen. I had left a newly acquired glass-shelf for a book-case in the library, on the kitchen bench. It had a sticker on it and I rubbed it in dish-washing soap last night to get ridd of it. Now I got to work on it. After scraping and washing I held the shelf under warm running water. I looked around... Then I said to Sis: "Could you get me a..." (I didn't get any further) "Sure!" she said, and got a kitchen towel out of a drawer for me. How nice! I haven't had someone finish my sentence in a long time. It's probably one of the things on this planet I enjoy the most! How nice to have "a sensible brain around again! No trivias, and a deeper sense of understanding! It was truly an event!"