Saturday, November 29, 2014

Macro Economics, Aurora & Deer

I spent all night in the dungeons of the University chasing money through macro-economic models and pouring over Keynes-models. The clock struck midnight and I was afraid of getting caught in the burglary-alarm. Out on the car-park the air was crisp and cold. Since campus is right next to the woods and I had been inside for hours it was time for a walk.

An otherwise gung-ho track across the fields and into the woods, but the ground is frozen now so the walk is quite smooth. At the edge of the field the reeds have frozen and the ice-crystals made high-pitch whistely bell sounds, when the wind brushed through them. Several times it made me turn my head around to see if anyone, or anything, was following me. I didn’t figure out what it was till I was almost back at the car.

On the last leg I came down a hill and out of a small valley. The road was lit in front but I chose the big dark plane at the side instead. The fields are all walkable after the harvest, and especially after they freeze. The Northern Lights were spreading themselves across the sky up above. I turned the torch on to see where I was stepping. After a while, distant reflections of the torch-light appeared in my peripheral vision. I gave it no further thought until the reflections started moving about. What?

I pointed the torch at the reflections. They were still there, but weren’t moving any more. Ah! All of them were in pairs. I couldn’t see their bodies, but knew I had the company of a group of deer. When they ran off they became ‘visible’ as the dark shadows they looked like were moving instead of standing still. Toward the woods they went, but I couldn’t see them entering, and think they were still somewhere in the field. Further down there were more but I tried not to disturb them too much this time. After all, I wouldn’t want to hang in a field with my friends under the Aurora and be scared off by some dark creature carrying freaky portable starlight.

Far away somewhere in my mind I could hear TNT playing ‘Northern Lights.’