Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Detroit I See

New music with a cause!
New hope!
New businesses!
No racial divides!
No racial divides!
I said; no racial divides!
Communities with both colors; with all colors!

Technological innovation that blows the old worlds mind!
Strong communities!
Music and arts flourishing!
Money on new hands!
Money on new hands!
A strong commitment to the city in people's hearts!

New Churches!
More Churches!
No Churches with hollow messages!
No Churches that permits divides!
Pure, holy, crazy expansive Christ centered, Holy Ghost Arsonist, Redemptive vision bringing, hope-building, racially mixed, Heavenly Ordained and Appointed 'Bridges' between the Saviour of Detroit and His People!

New frontiers of knowledge!
People migrating in to learn!
Businesses migrating in to benefit!
Effective governance!
No-procrastination governance!
A new Motown, however it sounds!

A safe city!
A great place to bring up kids!
No more drugs!
I said, no more drugs!
A city to teach the world how to un-drugify this world!
Diverse businesses!
New industries!

A city that makes the world dance!