Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Power Corrupts?

I heard it again tonight that "power corrupts!" And again I say: a lie from hell! Good governance is the only way to a civilized and ordered society, and this particular philosophy only favors the ideology of Anarchy. Two things can fail:
#1. Man's personal character.
#2. Man's walk with God.

Power does not corrupt more than money, jelly beans, the ability to captain a ship or electrical engineering!

For believers: How can you believe that God gave the earth to man to rule and deliberately exempted the pretty vital information that, "Oh, while you're at it (tending to my perfect will) you will get corrupted as a direct consequence of it!"

For non-believers: How can you not believe in a spiritual power, yet say that one faculty of human society will corrupt your soul? In the mechanics of evolution there is no place for an un-quantifyable power that categorically locks your mind on to an unchangeable course regardless of evolutionary development-level.

"Power corrupts?":

For anyone who believes in science (put me first on that list!) it is a statement that spits in the face of science's character! Can you prove the statement with research? Does not the world tell us of polarities? -those leaders who pick up their responsibility and make a good and lasting change; did no-one oppose Hitler? -and other leaders who was corrupted even before resuming power; do you think Saddam Hussein only had the seed of corruption planted in him after the revolution in 1968?

For anyone who believes in God (I'll be on that list too!), the claim elaborates that a little power corrupts a little and ultimate power corrupts completely. How can a believer in an ultimately powerful God claim such a thing? Or is it just applicable to man? In that case, God tricked Adam and Jesus was corrupted from He was conceived in Mary's womb by the Spirit of God. Nonsense!

In one case a spit in the face of reason and the other one a human judgement on God's character built on complete ignorance!

Thinking individuals: wake up!

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