Friday, May 6, 2011

Impressions from a Night in the Woods

2nd-3rd of May 2011

The ice has almost melted off the lakes now and the air still has a sharp chill to it. I saw a rabbit still in its winter fur, it ran across the road in front of me. In between the trees somewhere I heard a moose grassing on the trees. It was after sundown and I didn't stick around till it came out, cause I couldn't see what size and in what mood it was. But you could distinctly hear the thump of big jaws chewing on the branches. The leaves are springing out now, so I guess it's something good to eat.

By the lower lake the frogs are getting loud, and back on the road two skunks almost ran me down! I clapped my hands loudly as they came towards me in a ferocious speed. They changed their course and disappeared in between the trees on the other side of the road.

By the old mill place all you could hear was the little river running full of the spring-melted snow. That is; until I stumbled across a chain that is meant to block the road. I probably scared up the entire woods with the noise!

Midnight came and went, and it is still not dark. The arctic summer is near!


Anonymous said...

I loved reading this. It really made me want to go exploring. You are so good at painting a picture in words about what it was like!

Harald said...

Thank you! :-)