Monday, June 13, 2016

Under Age 3

Some years ago I wrote two posts about getting asked for an ID when I bought wine in the UK  (Under AgeUnder Age 2). I thought it probably wouldn't happen again for another 500 years. But then, when you least expect it, the world has something unforeseen up its sleeve for you!

I was at the shop buying some essentials—plus a can of excellent Swedish pear cider. The lady behind the counter asked "can I see your ID, please?" Let's just halt there for a moment shall we?

So, my beard have started to get some gray patches (I know, me and Clooney). I had bent my head down to pick something up and she repeated the question as I came back up.

Me (sticking my chin forward and pointing with the index-finger):
"See? My beard has gray patches!"
Her: "Yes, but I'd like to see your ID please."
Me: "For the soap or the cider?"
Fredrik: (Starts laughing!)
Her (a little bewildered): "That!" (points to the cider.)

I showed her the ID.

Really, I'm up for a good compliment any day, but in reality's highborn name! Some other day perhaps? -when I have a clean shave and a colourful base-ball cap? Mom thought it was hilarious though, so at least the story came to serve some form of higher purpose! :-)

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