Saturday, June 19, 2010

Late Night Walk in the Woods

I just came down from the woods. I had been walking for almost three hours. I just picked the tracks or areas that my nose pointed at, and believe it or not, I walked on a little trail I had never set foot on before. Up in the local hills where I've been mocking about since I was a kid!

I had no concept of time and the light doesn't help you out these days neither, which is good! I thought the time might have been half past eleven, maybe a little earlier, or maybe right before midnight. I climbed into the car and looked at the watch. Almost one in the morning! Although we don't have midnight sun this far South it never gets dark during summer nights. I guess the sun sets around half past eleven these days, but it doesn't get far beneath the horizon before it comes right up again.

We had some absolutely dreadful rain today! -which was probably one of the reasons why I went out there tonight, cause I quite enjoyed it. Though it was clearing up while I was walking, the ground was still wet. Wet, like in "Wet!" I walked through marshes and streams and my old khaki field-trousers ended up looking like I hadn't changed them since First World War. I took them off and hung them over the shower cabinet when I came home cause I saw that the washing-machine was full. I told mom that I had hung my trousers there and that I needed to wash them. -just to explain, since they didn't exactly contribute to the interior design of the room. A few minutes later she walked into the bathroom while I was in my room, and I could hear a loud voice go: "Oh my gosh! What horrid trousers!" I thought "Yesss!" There's nothing like making an impression!

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