Tuesday, June 8, 2010

#09-56 and 196

Eternal sunshine
When I see, I remember
When I see, I am excited
When I see, I want to get back

Remembering early mornings
Warm, before the sun
Warm, before too warm
Bright, with expectation

A glimpse of the sea between the trees, down the street
The cool from the ocean as it slowly brings its breeze,
through my window and out the other,
through my day to yet another

You like the moment, want to stay forever?
You see just surface, I'll show you better!
If paradise is present, then what is future?
For the dream is ahead, and there's nothing truer!

Sunshine of past
The dream I lived
The dream to live
They are all but steps, to a step yet higher

Though all are loved, one is even more
They make me love the things I have never seen before

Eternal sunshine
I looked out my window
Maybe I'll be making music in an hour?

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