Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Hotel Rooms

Leeds 11th of October 2007

I find that new hotel rooms contain new music. I woke up in Korea half past three at night a couple of months ago with a song in my head. Out with the hotel’s letter paper and after it was written down, record it on the phone. And then another one. One hour's work and then I fell asleep again.

It was a bit too much carrying the guitar at times. I had enough things with me moving from Singapore. Although I shouldn’t complain since it was checked in. But the real advantage didn’t come late. I bumped into the hotel room in Leeds (my home for ten days), and within a day new tunes started popping up. Thank God for versatile laptops. I could record all I needed sitting in my bed, and with the guitar case as a drum almost make a full production after effects and mixing.

God, send me around the world to pick up all the new music!

Actually it boils down to new places. And more than that it’s about the place you left. It’s like an elastic band. You travel away from your destination and some things keeps pulling on your feelings and memory. People, places and events.

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