Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Autumn 2007

I tried to call home to Norway. No one picked up the phone. I had to talk to mom, but unless my parents are working they are almost always together so I called dad.
Answering machine.
Then two seconds… and he called back. I said “hallo” and the line broke. He called again and I said “hi.”
Dad: “We’re at Intersport Gigant!” (My old workplace before I went to Singapore) “Do you want a new Gore-Tex jacket?”
(You’ve got to be kidding…!)
Dad: “I’m holding a nice orange and grey Berghaus jacket in my hand, do you want it?”
I started to prepare a speech in my head. “Dad, that’s really nice, but if I can suggest a Christmas gift I would really like to ask for a field recorder that I can sample sounds and instruments with for my studies and work. And if it’s too expensive, then maybe some money to put into the project…”
Dad: “We bought one each. –And we bought one for sis.”
No kidding! What’s up? This isn’t about Christmas!
Me: “But I have my brand new Norrøna Gore-Tex that I got for my birthday last year before I went to Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia.”
Dad: “Yeah, but they have a sale and it’s only 1/3 of the normal price!”
Knowing how fast mountain equipment wears down when climbing, trekking, skiing and used for everyday life I could already see my nice new jacket starting to get messed up if I go back to Norway, and managed to come with a: “Yeeeah, that would be fine…”
Then we were on to finding the right size. And after funny conversations and physical testing of the jacket by my old colleagues we ended up with the right size.
Dad: “Ok, that was all actually.” And he was about to hang up.
Me: “Eeeeeh! Hey wait! Mom… can I speak with mom before you go?”
(That was why I called in the first place!!)
Dad: “Yeah, sure!”

Mom: “Hello!”
Me: “Hello Mom! I just wanted to ask…
I bought some beef meat at the butcher store a couple of days ago. It’s only been lying in the fridge. I can still use it right? It was fresh when I bought it.”
Mom: “Yes, off course. A couple of days in the fridge is no problem.”
Me: “Ok, thanks.”
She wished me a good meal and we said goodbye.
–And now I a new Gore-Tex jacket.

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