Thursday, August 19, 2010

Inception is deception!

Saw Inception and got a few thoughts:

1. Your subconsciousness is not controlled by feelings alone. Any part of your brain is connected to the prefrontal cortex. As much as consciousness is not entirely located there, we can (unlike animals) override various instinct-like behaviour with conscious decission-making. (Commenting on the film's statement that sub-consciousness is entirely controlled by emotions.)
2. Feelings are in part learned from tangible experience and the conscious mind can assess such.
3. Feelings and ideas can be controlled and consciously developed.

But they got these two points right:

1. Guilt will hunt you down (break through your concept of reality) until you release it.
2. Projections of people become pale shadows and will eventually centre themselves towards the projector for better, worse or for error.

What can you learn from it?

1. Release guilt for you and others. You've got only one life to live.
2. God dreams, projects and creates people better than any people can. The creator must be higher than the created to maintain abundant creativity in the created.
3. Confess the problem when it arises, or it (in the film: she) will find you and remind you of what you did and have not yet confessed and put behind.
4. Put complex mazes behind! Your life (children signifies broader: family) must be lived in faith and expectation, not in fear!

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