Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My first Exhibition. Ever!

Leeds, August 10th 2010, Late at Night

Last night at the arts exhibition is over and we’re packing down tomorrow. We had a nice local chap popping by tonight who was into Nick Drake. And you can just imagine what I’m listening to right now! No particular track was haunting me, I just wanted to hear the sound again!

The exhibition has been going well and we’ve gotten lots of nice feedback. I’ve been thinking of doing something like this with my photographies for a long time and was really blessed when Haj asked me if I wanted to do a joint exhibition with him! It’s the first exhibition I’ve ever taken part in so it was a bit of a new experience.

It was fun seeing the synergy in the room between Haj’s wall and mine. Our pictures look very different, but I think they work really well together. Both conceptually and visually.

It’s almost gonna be sad to pick it all down, but I’ll be a little bit smarter when I do than when we set it up. I’ve learned some new things. And probably more than ever, I’ve lived some new dreams.

Thanks to all the great people that came to the events! You all made it worth it! And thanks to the very nice staff at The Clock Café who gave some much appreciated and unexpected compliments!


Feeling: thankful!


thirst_for_truth said...

I was keen to come to the exhibition, but in the end ran out of time! Though it would have only 40 minutes' drive to get there, I had too much going on. It looked great online. Hope you have more exhibitions in the future!

Harald said...

Thank you Rachel!